Absolute Coverings Ltd

Flooring Specialists in Northamptonshire

Tuesday 22nd of May 2018

Phone Number: 01327 855 440

Mobile Number: 07880 736 528


We are experts in carpeting solutions. Carpets offer many great properties which makes them perfect to use in the commercial sector as well as domestic properties.

Carpets provide excellent acoustic properties, a warm, comfortable feel to any area and are also very hard wearing. We have a huge range of design and colour choices for our customers with a choice of slip resistance if required in relation to hard floor coverings. We can also install borders to make any area look unique and create an impact.

Our professional team of carpet layers always provide a high quality of service. This is to make sure that the finished floor always stacks up to our customers’ expectations. They keep an eye on the smallest of details so that the big ones take care of themselves.

Absolute Coverings Ltd was established in 2004. We are family run company providing expert flooring solutions to a wide range of customers.

Our work is primarily carried out in the commercial sector. Around 50% of our clients being hospitals. We feel that this shows our level of dedication to a high quality and professional service.

If you are in need of carpeting for any area whether it is a commercial or domestic property, then we can help. We are in Silverstone, Northamptonshire area and travel anywhere in the UK for our customers.

If you would like our help, then please feel free to get in touch. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help in any way we can.